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Oxism Double Tooth Comb - Ox Horn Comb

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Each MANIGTO Oxism Combs are artfully handcrafted from only the finest natural cow horns. No two of these unique and beautiful pieces are the identical.This new addition to our range of grooming products are made in England and are ethically sourced.

Please note: Each comb is the same size, however the patterns and colours may vary. Please refrain from using chemicals or soaking it in liquid when washing. Washing up liquid and warm water is recommended.

Feel the difference from the very first comb!

MANIGTO Ox-ism Comb provides these benefits.

Cheveux et électricité statique

The end of static electricity

Unlike plastic combs, our horn comb does not trap electrical charges. Air comes into in contact with our hair all the time which constantly produces static electricity. Combing your hair with a horn comb helps balance these electrical charges which affect your hair. 

Combs of this material is the choice of makeup artists, and many people find that it even helps to reduce stress.

Le peigne en corne glisse mieux dans les cheveux

The comb glides better through hair for a smoother comb

The horn has the same molecular makeup as hair. It does not cling to its surface (unlike plastic) and facilitates untangling. The horn comb glides through the hair without exerting stress on the roots.

Individuals who have used a horn comb never settle for regular plastic combs.

Le peigne en corne rend les cheveux brillants

Hair is shinier

A regular plastic comb or brush exerts stress on hair, damaging its micro-particles and destroying cuticle, which is a natural protective shield.

With a horn comb, the cuticle is preserved and this allows it to reflect light better, giving your hair a better shine.

Le peigne en corne rend la santé aux cheveux

Hair is healthier

The keratin of the comb helps to preserve the cuticle scales of hair. These scales enable resistantance to external elements such as pollution, sunlight, weather, temperature and humidity.

Hair is less greasy, and less dehydrated.


Customer Reviews

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Didn't received my item

Bought the comb during October and still didn't receive till now (2019)

Good comb

heard from aunties of how the ox horn are used in ancient time, using it on my hair is definitely one of a kind luxurious

Excellent product

It has a beautiful finish and so far works wonderfully. However, found it a little big to carry it around. Would be good to list the size in the description so future consumers would be aware.

Love it

Great comb and great price!

Natural Engraved Ox Horn Comb

Good Quality that comes with hair benefits. love the engraving that i expect to last nothing less than forever. Loving Manigto products