Q: Which MANIGTO product is right for me?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, however a good place to start when selecting a product is to answer these few questions:

1. Do I have short, medium or long hair?

2. Am I looking for a natural look with low to no shine (matte finish) or a medium to high shine look?

3. What hairstyle am I looking to achieve? (Pompadour / Slick-back / Spiky)

Depending on your answers to the above, you may refer to the diagram below on MANIGTO products to select the most suitable product for you

 MANIGTO Classic Wax Clay Pomade Star Rating Shine Washability Pliability Hold

Q: I live in a country with a humid climate. Is MANIGTO suitable?

A: MANIGTO is a Singapore brand, and therefore the formulation of our products was carried out with the local climate in mind. Be rest assured that our products perform well in all climates.

Q: I have naturally greasy hair, which type of product should I use?

A: We would recommend MANIGTO Clay Pomade for greasy hair, as its natural ingredients of Kaolin and Bentonite Clay work to draw out the impurities and absorb grease and moisture in your hair, leaving your hair feeling moisturised after use! Get it here!

Q: How much product should I use?

A: The answer to this depends on each individuals’ preference. However, a recommended amount is a dime-sized amount (or 10 cents in Singapore currency). Remember – a little goes a long way, do activate the product between the palms of your hands for maximum effect, and apply more if needed.

Q: Do MANIGTO products work on curly hair?

A: Yes - MANIGTO products are suitable, and the recommended product to tame curly hair into shape more effectively is our MANIGTO Classic Pomade. You can get it here!

Q: I’ve read that applying product to damp/dry hair produces different results – Is this true?

A: That is indeed correct! For a shinier / wet look, apply product onto damp hair, and likewise, for a matte / low shine look, apply product onto dry hair. Additionally, for adding maximum volume to your hair without the dreaded weight, apply MANIGTO Clay Pomade onto dry hair, and use a hairdryer while you work your hair into your desired look.

Q: I want more volume for my hair as it is thin – how can I achieve this?

A: As mentioned in the previous question, MANIGTO Clay Pomade will be the product that can help you achieve this! Simply apply the product onto dry hair and utilise a hairdryer to give you that volume you desire! Get it here!

Q: Do you have any tips for achieving an extreme hold look?

A: For volume and Quiff

  • Apply MANIGTO Clay Pomade on towel dried hair
  • Blow dry hair to desired style to activate clay and get volume
  • Apply MANIGTO Wax Pomade to hair for extreme hold and control

Q: I've noticed that there are no parabens in your products - how do you ensure the quality then?

A: While other products use only a single sealant, our new line of products come with 2 layers of protection (sealant and foil) to ensure the shelf life and quality of or products.


Please send your enquiries to should you have any other questions not listed here!